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RockShox Monarch Plus RC3 Rear Shocks


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Stock Item: MONARCH+ RC3 190X51/7.5X2.0 DB MM 00.4118.125.000

  • MONARCH+ RC3 190X51/7.5X2.0 DB MM 00.4118.125.000
  • MONARCH+ RC3 200X51/7.875X2.0 DB MM00.4118.125.001
  • MONARCH+ RC3 200X57/7.875X2.25 DB MM 00.4118.125.002
  • MONARCH+ RC3 216X63/8.5X2.5 DB MM 000.4118.125.003
  • MONARCH+ BLK RC3 ASML 195X46/8.5X1.8 B1 00.4118.038.008
  • MONARCH+ BLK RC3 ASMM 195X51/8.5X2.0 B1 00.4118.038.007
  • MONARCH+ BLK RC3 ASMM 216X57/8.5X2.25 B1 00.4118.038.006
  • MONARCH+ BLK RC3 ASML 216X63/8.5X2.5 B1 00.4118.038.005
  • MONARCH+ RC3 195X46 DB4 ML STMPJMPEVO29 00.4118.139.000
  • MONARCH+ RC3 195X51 DB MM STMPJMP EVO26 00.4118.139.001
  • MONARCH+ RC3 216X57 DB9 MM ENDURO 29 00.4118.139.002
  • MONARCH+ RC3 216X63 DB ML ENDURO 2600.4118.139.003
  • MONARCH+ RC3 197X48 MM STUMPJ 27/292016 00.4118.138.007
  • MONARCH+ RC3 197X48 AS MM SJ/RYHME00.4118.139.009
  • MONARCH+ RC3 200X57 DB2HVIML SALSAREDPNT 00.4118.139.010
  • MONARCH+ RC3 200X57 DB MM BRNSN 00.4118.139.005
  • MONARCH+ RC3 200X57 DB2HVILL BRNSN/RBN 00.4118.139.006
  • MONARCH+ RC3 200X51 DB LL TALLBOY LT 00.4118.139.007
  • MONARCH+ RC3 216X63 DB ML NOMAD 00.4118.139.008
  • MONARCH RT3 200X51DBHVI2LLS3205010FRTD 00.4118.138.005
  • MONARCH RT3 165X38 DBMMS320 TLBOY/JPLN 00.4118.138.006
  • MONARCH+ RC3 210X60 DBHV2 MM SLASH27 00.4118.139.004
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Unlike a dirt-bike, the new Monarch Plus rear shock has no rev-limiter. Because with its fusion of the Monarch’s exemplary light weight with an all-new Solo Air system, and a damper design similar to the Vivid Air, the Plus will have you bombing all-mountain trails like it was born to downhill. In other words, you’re going to need some serious stopping power to slow this freight train down. So it might be time to look at some four-piston brakes for your steed.

Monarch Plus RC3

Monarch Plus provides traction-gaining suppleness, giving you more control over any type of terrain – all in a lightweight bombproof package. Proven Rapid Recovery, DebonAir and Solo Air technologies come standard for this lightweight big hitter. Now with twice the rebound range, Monarch Plus allows you to take your riding to levels you never thought possible with a short and mid travel air shock.

Specifications for Monarch Plus RC3

DAMPING External rebound, 3-position compression (Open, Pedal, Lock)
CONFIGURATIONS 190x51mm, 200x51mm, 200x57mm, 216x63mm
SPRING ADJUST Air pressure via single schrader valve
SHAFT MATERIAL 7075 aluminum
BODY MATERIAL Hard anodized, forged aluminum with sag gradients
OPTIONS Also available in 195x46mm, 195x51mm, 216x57mm, 216x63mm with Specialized mount, 210x60mm with Trek mount
OTHER *Weight based on RC3 216x63mm, standard air can, no hardware


Additional Information

Stock Item

Monarch+ rc3 190x51/7.5x2.0 db mm 00.4118.125.000, Monarch+ rc3 200x51/7.875x2.0 db mm00.4118.125.001, Monarch+ rc3 200x57/7.875x2.25 db mm 00.4118.125.002, Monarch+ rc3 216x63/8.5x2.5 db mm 000.4118.125.003, Monarch+ blk rc3 asml 195x46/8.5x1.8 b1 00.4118.038.008, Monarch+ blk rc3 asmm 195x51/8.5x2.0 b1 00.4118.038.007, Monarch+ blk rc3 asmm 216x57/8.5x2.25 b1 00.4118.038.006, Monarch+ blk rc3 asml 216x63/8.5x2.5 b1 00.4118.038.005, Monarch+ rc3 195x46 db4 ml stmpjmpevo29 00.4118.139.000, Monarch+ rc3 195x51 db mm stmpjmp evo26 00.4118.139.001, Monarch+ rc3 216x57 db9 mm enduro 29 00.4118.139.002, Monarch+ rc3 216x63 db ml enduro 2600.4118.139.003, Monarch+ rc3 197x48 mm stumpj 27/292016 00.4118.138.007, Monarch+ rc3 197x48 as mm sj/ryhme00.4118.139.009, Monarch+ rc3 200x57 db2hviml salsaredpnt 00.4118.139.010, Monarch+ rc3 200x57 db mm brnsn 00.4118.139.005, Monarch+ rc3 200x57 db2hvill brnsn/rbn 00.4118.139.006, Monarch+ rc3 200x51 db ll tallboy lt 00.4118.139.007, Monarch+ rc3 216x63 db ml nomad 00.4118.139.008, Monarch rt3 200x51dbhvi2lls3205010frtd 00.4118.138.005, Monarch rt3 165x38 dbmms320 tlboy/jpln 00.4118.138.006, Monarch+ rc3 210x60 dbhv2 mm slash27 00.4118.139.004



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