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Canecreek Valt Shock Springs


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Stock Item: Cane Creek VALT spring 50x400_2.00x400 AAD1760

  • Cane Creek VALT spring 50x400_2.00x400 AAD1760
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 50x450_2.00x450 AAD1761
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 50x500_2.00x500 AAD1762
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 50x550_2.00x550 lightweight steel
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 50x600_2.00x600 AAD2286
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 50x650_2.00x650 AAD2287
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 57x350_2.25x350 AAD1784
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 57x400_2.25x400 AAD1763
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 57x450_2.25x450 AAD1764
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 57x500_2.25x500 AAD1765
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 57x550_2.25x550 AAD1766
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 57x600_2.25x600 AAD2288
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 57x650_2.25x650 AAD2348
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 63x350_2.50x350 AAD2289
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 63x400_2.50x400 AAD1767
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 63x450_2.50x450 AAD1768
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 63x500_2.50x500 AAD1769
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 63x550_2.50x550 AAD1770
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 63x600_2.50x600 AAD2360
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 70x400_2.75x400 AAD1771
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 70x450_2.75x450 AAD1772
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 70x500DIUSCONTINUED use AAD1769
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 76x300_3.00x300 AAD1775
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 76x350_3.00x350 AAD1776
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 76x400_3.00x400 AAD1777
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 76x450_3.00x450 AAD1778
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 76x500_3.00x500 AAD1779
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 89x300_3.50x300 AAD1780
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 89x350_3.50x350 AAD1781
  • Cane Creek VALT spring 89x400_3.50x400 AAD1782
  • Cane Creek VALT 55x400-488 progressive spring
  • Cane Creek VALT 55x450-550 progressive spring
  • Cane Creek VALT 55x500-610 progressive spring
  • Cane Creek VALT 65x400-488 progressive spring
  • Cane Creek VALT 65x450-550 progressive spring
  • Cane Creek VALT 65x500-610 progressive spring
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Valt - The performance of your shock is directly related to the quality of your spring. VALT is a lightweight coil spring that offers a significant weight reduction over standard steel springs. Designed to be as light as possible without sacrificing action or durability, the high quality steel in VALT allows for less material to be used in the coils. Riders can enjoy the performance benefit and consistency without the weight penalty.

Valt inner diameter is 36.5mm (1.43in) and fits all Cane Creek Coil Shocks, as well as -Manitou, Marzocchi, XFusion, ELKA/MRP, BOS, and DSP. 

Fox Racing coil shocks will also pair with canecreek springs and require a spring clip adapter Cane Creek Part Code: .DB11253H.



WEIGHT SAVINGS 50-211g (varies by stroke/rate)
FITMENT Cane Creek coil shocks and other brands (may require a conversion clip).
MATERIAL High-performance steel


  • 2.00 x 400 
  • 2.00 x 450 
  • 2.00 x 500 
  • 2.25 x 350
  • 2.25 x 400 
  • 2.25 x 450 
  • 2.25 x 500 
  • 2.25 x 550 
  • 2.50 x 400 
  • 2.50 x 450 
  • 2.50 x 500 
  • 2.50 x 550
  • 2.75 x 400
  • 2.75 x 450
  • 2.75 x 500
  • 2.75 x 550
  • 3.00 x 300
  • 3.00 x 350
  • 3.00 x 400
  • 3.00 x 450
  • 3.00 x 500
  • 3.50 x 300
  • 3.50 x 350
  • 3.50 x 400

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Stock Item

Cane creek valt spring 50x400_2.00x400 aad1760, Cane creek valt spring 50x450_2.00x450 aad1761, Cane creek valt spring 50x500_2.00x500 aad1762, Cane creek valt spring 50x550_2.00x550 lightweight steel, Cane creek valt spring 50x600_2.00x600 aad2286, Cane creek valt spring 50x650_2.00x650 aad2287, Cane creek valt spring 57x350_2.25x350 aad1784, Cane creek valt spring 57x400_2.25x400 aad1763, Cane creek valt spring 57x450_2.25x450 aad1764, Cane creek valt spring 57x500_2.25x500 aad1765, Cane creek valt spring 57x550_2.25x550 aad1766, Cane creek valt spring 57x600_2.25x600 aad2288, Cane creek valt spring 57x650_2.25x650 aad2348, Cane creek valt spring 63x350_2.50x350 aad2289, Cane creek valt spring 63x400_2.50x400 aad1767, Cane creek valt spring 63x450_2.50x450 aad1768, Cane creek valt spring 63x500_2.50x500 aad1769, Cane creek valt spring 63x550_2.50x550 aad1770, Cane creek valt spring 63x600_2.50x600 aad2360, Cane creek valt spring 70x400_2.75x400 aad1771, Cane creek valt spring 70x450_2.75x450 aad1772, Cane creek valt spring 70x500diuscontinued use aad1769, Cane creek valt spring 76x300_3.00x300 aad1775, Cane creek valt spring 76x350_3.00x350 aad1776, Cane creek valt spring 76x400_3.00x400 aad1777, Cane creek valt spring 76x450_3.00x450 aad1778, Cane creek valt spring 76x500_3.00x500 aad1779, Cane creek valt spring 89x300_3.50x300 aad1780, Cane creek valt spring 89x350_3.50x350 aad1781, Cane creek valt spring 89x400_3.50x400 aad1782, Cane creek valt 55x400-488 progressive spring, Cane creek valt 55x450-550 progressive spring, Cane creek valt 55x500-610 progressive spring, Cane creek valt 65x400-488 progressive spring, Cane creek valt 65x450-550 progressive spring, Cane creek valt 65x500-610 progressive spring



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