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Campagnolo Chainrings & Crank parts


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Stock Item: Camp.chainring FC-AT134 11s CT 34t_replaces FC-SR034

  • Camp.chainring FC-AT134 11s CT 34t_replaces FC-SR034
  • Camp.chainring FC-AT234 11s CT 34t
  • Camp.chainring FC-CE034 Centaur 34t_110pcd aluminium square taper only
  • Camp.chainring FC-CE334 Centaur 34t_Aluminium cranks 2011-14
  • Camp.chainring FC-RE034 CT 10s 34t_Record & Chorus 2005-08
  • Camp.chainring FC-SR134 11s CT 34t_2011-14 Sup.Record, Record, Chorus
  • Camp.chainring FC-SR234 11s 34T+screws 2015 4-arm
  • Camp.chainring FC-VL334 34t
  • Camp.chainring FC-SR036 11s CT 36t_2011-14 5 arm
  • Camp.chainring FC-SR136 11s CT 36t+screws 2015 4-arm
  • Camp.chainring FC-RE039 135PCD 39t_Record 10 2000-03, Chorus 10 04-06_also Record & Chorus 7/8/9s
  • Camp.chainring FC-RE139 135PCD 39t_Record 10 2004-08: Chorus 10 07-08
  • Camp.chainring FC-SR039 135PCD 39t_2009 Super Record, Record, Chorus
  • Camp.chainring FC-SR139 135PCD 39t_2011-14 Sup.Record, Record, Chorus
  • Camp.chainring FC-SR239 2015 11s 39_2015
  • Camp.chainring FC-VL139 10s 39t_2007-10 UltraTorque
  • Camp.chainring FC-AT040S 11s 50t&34t set
  • Camp.chainring FC-AT150 50t_Athena carbon. Replaces FC-SR050
  • Camp.chainring FC-AT550 50t
  • Camp.chainring FC-CE150 Centaur 50t_110pcd pre-07 square taper only
  • Camp.chainring FC-CO050 11s 50t_50x34 for 2011-14 CT crankset_Chorus, Record, Super Record
  • Camp.chainring FC-RE250 10s CT 50t_Record & Chorus 2005-08
  • Camp.chainring FC-SR350 2015 11s 50_50x34 + screws
  • Camp.chainring FC-VL250 CT black 50_Veloce Ultra-Torque 2007-10_Centaur Carbon UT 08-10
  • Camp.chainring SR11 FC-SR052 52t
  • Camp.chainring FC-SR152 11s 135pcd_52t
  • Camp.chainring FC-CO052 11s CT 52t_2011 Super Record, Record, Chorus_replaces FC-SR252
  • Camp.chainring FC-SR352 2015 11s 52_52x36 + screws
  • Camp.chainring FC-CH153 9s 53t for- 39t inner
  • Camp.chainring FC-CH253 53t_Chorus 2000-03, Cent alloy 02-06
  • Camp.chainring FC-CO053 11s 53t_53x39 for 2011-14 5 arm_replaces FC-SR153
  • Camp.chainring FC-RE153 9s 53t
  • Camp.chainring FC-RE453 53t_Record 10 2000-03, Chorus10 04-06
  • Camp.chainring FC-RE553 53t_Record 10 2004-08: Chorus 10 07-08
  • Camp.chainring SR11 FC-SR053 53t_2009 Super Record, Record, Chorus
  • Camp.chainring FC-SR353 11s 53t +screws 2015 4-arm
  • Camp. FC-AT300 cw attach bolts (5)_replaces FC-SR100
  • Camp. FC-SR200 CW fixing bolts_For 2011 & later chainrings only
  • Camp. FC-AT100 cw.attach (5)
  • Camp. FC-AT200 cw.attach (5)
  • Camp. FC-AT200 cw.attach blk (5)
  • Camp.FC-PI001 Pista crank cap
  • Camp.FC-PI100 track cw.attach (5)
  • Camp.FC-RE007 UT axle fixing bolt
  • Camp.FC-RE104 crank bolts (pr)
  • Camp.FC-SR007 UT axle fixing bolt_LH threaded
  • Camp.chainring FC-AT253 53t Athena2010 silver
  • Camp. FC-SR300 CW fixing bolts_For 2015 Cho/Rec/SR 4-arm cranks
  • Camp.chainring FC-H11036 36t H11
  • Camp.chainring FC-H11039 39t H11
  • Camp.chainring FC-H11052 52t H11
  • Camp.chainring FC-H11053 53t H11
  • Camp. FC-PO100 chainwheel bolts_for Potenza cranket
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Please find below a list of Campagnolo chainrings.

Please use the appropriate spare parts catalogue to determine the chainring required.

If the chainring you require is not available/listed please call us to discuss alternatives.

Campagnolo Spare Parts Catalogues

Crankset speed introduction years;

9spd - 1997

10spd - 2000

11spd - 2009

Additional Information

Stock Item

Camp.chainring fc-at134 11s ct 34t_replaces fc-sr034, Camp.chainring fc-at234 11s ct 34t, Camp.chainring fc-ce034 centaur 34t_110pcd aluminium square taper only, Camp.chainring fc-ce334 centaur 34t_aluminium cranks 2011-14, Camp.chainring fc-re034 ct 10s 34t_record & chorus 2005-08, Camp.chainring fc-sr134 11s ct 34t_2011-14 sup.record, record, chorus, Camp.chainring fc-sr234 11s 34t+screws 2015 4-arm, Camp.chainring fc-vl334 34t, Camp.chainring fc-sr036 11s ct 36t_2011-14 5 arm, Camp.chainring fc-sr136 11s ct 36t+screws 2015 4-arm, Camp.chainring fc-re039 135pcd 39t_record 10 2000-03, chorus 10 04-06_also record & chorus 7/8/9s, Camp.chainring fc-re139 135pcd 39t_record 10 2004-08: chorus 10 07-08, Camp.chainring fc-sr039 135pcd 39t_2009 super record, record, chorus, Camp.chainring fc-sr139 135pcd 39t_2011-14 sup.record, record, chorus, Camp.chainring fc-sr239 2015 11s 39_2015, Camp.chainring fc-vl139 10s 39t_2007-10 ultratorque, Camp.chainring fc-at040s 11s 50t&34t set, Camp.chainring fc-at150 50t_athena carbon. replaces fc-sr050, Camp.chainring fc-at550 50t, Camp.chainring fc-ce150 centaur 50t_110pcd pre-07 square taper only, Camp.chainring fc-co050 11s 50t_50x34 for 2011-14 ct crankset_chorus, record, super record, Camp.chainring fc-re250 10s ct 50t_record & chorus 2005-08, Camp.chainring fc-sr350 2015 11s 50_50x34 + screws, Camp.chainring fc-vl250 ct black 50_veloce ultra-torque 2007-10_centaur carbon ut 08-10, Camp.chainring sr11 fc-sr052 52t, Camp.chainring fc-sr152 11s 135pcd_52t, Camp.chainring fc-co052 11s ct 52t_2011 super record, record, chorus_replaces fc-sr252, Camp.chainring fc-sr352 2015 11s 52_52x36 + screws, Camp.chainring fc-ch153 9s 53t for- 39t inner, Camp.chainring fc-ch253 53t_chorus 2000-03, cent alloy 02-06, Camp.chainring fc-co053 11s 53t_53x39 for 2011-14 5 arm_replaces fc-sr153, Camp.chainring fc-re153 9s 53t, Camp.chainring fc-re453 53t_record 10 2000-03, chorus10 04-06, Camp.chainring fc-re553 53t_record 10 2004-08: chorus 10 07-08, Camp.chainring sr11 fc-sr053 53t_2009 super record, record, chorus, Camp.chainring fc-sr353 11s 53t +screws 2015 4-arm, Camp. fc-at300 cw attach bolts (5)_replaces fc-sr100, Camp. fc-sr200 cw fixing bolts_for 2011 & later chainrings only, Camp. fc-at100 cw.attach (5), Camp. fc-at200 cw.attach (5), Camp. fc-at200 cw.attach blk (5), Camp.fc-pi001 pista crank cap, Camp.fc-pi004 crank bolt+wash., Camp.fc-re001 cw.attach nut, Camp.fc-pi100 track cw.attach (5), Camp.fc-re007 ut axle fixing bolt, Camp.fc-re104 crank bolts (pr), Camp.fc-sr007 ut axle fixing bolt_lh threaded, Camp.chainring fc-at253 53t athena2010 silver, Camp. fc-sr300 cw fixing bolts_for 2015 cho/rec/sr 4-arm cranks, Camp.chainring fc-h11036 36t h11, Camp.chainring fc-h11039 39t h11, Camp.chainring fc-h11052 52t h11, Camp.chainring fc-h11053 53t h11, Camp. fc-po100 chainwheel bolts_for potenza cranket



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